Why You Should Visit Bali, Indonesia

Bali is known as the Land of the Gods, which is one of the world’s most beautiful tropical beaches considered by many holidaymakers and travelers. Bali is a uniquely attractive place with its own loveliness and holiday vibes. You can virtually feel every kind of natural beauty here and it can be your super budget-friendly destination.

Bali, Indonesia

Why You Should Visit Bali, Indonesia

It’s really like a magical island with an unending list of the most iconic landmarks, landscapes, magical temples, stunning beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, glorious mountainous areas with lush greenery, and the island’s lush interior where rice paddies offer scenic photo opportunities.

Best things in Bali

Pemuteran Beach, North West Bali

It is an amazing spot for Sightseeing in Bali. Here we can find the most extensive shallow reef. If you are nervous about swimming, then this beach is definitely for you. The very still and glassy waters are the main cause to see the abundant marine life clearly. Pemuteran Bay in Bali is the ultimate place for a perfect blend of spine-tingling adventure and the beauty of nature.

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Jatiluwih is a flowing sea of green. It can be a soothing retreat for you if you want to go away from the common crowds. Its dramatic and non-native rice field landscapes have made it eminent. The breathtaking scenery and the refreshing highlands of this village at the hoof of Mount Batukaru really give many wonderful opportunities for photography. At sundown, the rice fields are impressive, complete with fireflies and into the evening, the sound of nature emerges and becomes more apparent. You will find the enormous and most picturesque expense of paddies here, possibly in the whole of Indonesia.


This beach is undoubtedly for those who are nervous about swimming. The vantage points such as penelokan Kintamoni are also an exoteric spot for sightseeing. It is used as a stopping place to perceive the Mount Batur portion. Here you can see Batur’s bumpy features of Marky lava slopes and black molten rocks insight. It’s extrinsic with the early sunrises among the mountain hikers.

Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah is thought to be a previous shelter. The frightening faces carved into the stones cause is possessed to be evil spirits’ imprisonment. In Bali, it is one of the most remarkable historical plots. Goa Gajah is also known as ‘Elephant Cave’

Ubud Monkey Forest

The Balinese long-tailed macaque inhabits the Ubud Monkey Forest. Ubud Monkey Forest is familiar as Mandala Suci Wenara Wana. A renowned tourist magnetism in Ubud is the “Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud”.

There are three temples in the Monkey Forest Ubud and these are Prajapati Temple, Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple and Holy Spring Temple. The Monkey Forest is a significant economic, conversational and educational center to the village residents.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot pays admiration to the sea’s guardian spirits, and it’s also among Bali’s key sea temples. It is positioned on top of a rock and surrounded by the open sea waves that constantly crash against its base. Among the island’s most iconic temples and Bali’s key sea temples are Tanah Lot. You can enjoy the dramatic scene during sunsets with a memorable view of Tanah Lot.

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Best Time to Travel to Bali

The best time to travel this island is when conditions remain warm and sunny (between April and October). These months are called the peak tourism season of the island. Because Bali is more comfortable for beachgoers during this time. It’s ideal for sunbathing, hiking and sailing. During this time, some events are Bali Arts, Nusa Dua, Bali Kites Festival and Indonesia Independence Day.

Final Word

Bali is often busy with tourists but it is still surprisingly affordable if you know where to look. So you should not worry about breaking the bank. You should visit Bali because, in terms of tourism, this tropical paradise shines the brightest in the Indonesian archipelago.

Anyway, there are so many places in Bali to visit, which are really amazing. If you visit Bali, you will definitely enjoy it with your heart content. So I want to tell you that, nothing but Bali should be your first choice on your tourist places list. Have the best tour!

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