How to Troubleshoot a Toshiba HDTV That Will Not Turn On

If your Toshiba HDTV won’t turn on, the issue is likely to be simple to identify and solve. The majority of HDTV power-on problems can be resolved without any extra training. Toshiba’s display settings and control mechanisms improve the viewing experience significantly.

How to Troubleshoot a Toshiba HDTV That Will Not Turn On

However, for picture quality and audio errors, it will be a huge expense if maintenance is required. Figuring out why Toshiba HDTV is not turning on and resolving the HDTV is not that much hard. Plus you won’t need any special training to fix HDTV’s power-on-related problems as it’s very easy to do.

Fixing your problem by yourself will help you to save both extra time and money. Check that the remote control’s batteries are charged and that the television is turned on. Change the channel and check your antenna or cable connection. So here are the different techniques of How to Troubleshoot a Toshiba HDTV That Will Not Turn On below. With the help of these techniques, you might not need any assistance.

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Step 1

Sometimes you may have problems simply just with the remote, not TV.  If your TV doesn’t respond to the remote, you should press the power button from the control panel of the TV to check where the actual problem exists.

Step 2

Not plugging the power cord carefully also may cause the TV to not power up normally. So check the wall socket to ensure your cord is plugged not too tightly or not too loosely.

Step 3

If your TV does not power up still, try to fix it by unplugging the power cord from the electrical wall socket and plugging it again in the wall socket after 30-35 seconds. By doing this you can reset your Toshiba HDTV if it isn’t turning on by both using the control panel and remote control.

Step 4

Lack of enough power supply can also cause your Toshiba HDTV not to turn on properly. So you need to ensure that no switch or timer is controlling the wall socket where your TV is plugged to. You have to ensure as well that the surge protector of the power strip isn’t misstepped.

Step 5 

If you see that your HDTV isn’t only responding to the remote control but the power button located on the control panel, your remote control has an issue. Ensure that your batteries of the remote are expired and inserted properly into the battery compartment.

Dirt may also cause an issue in the power supply of the battery, therefore wipe off your battery casing with a dry and clean disposable cloth or tissue. Don’t place any heavy objects between the way of your HDTV and the remote control. It will distract the TV to receive a signal from the remote. The sensor tip of the remote should be wiped off with the soft and dry cloth along with the Infrared sensor of the TV. Always aim your remote to the TV directly.

Side note – Sudden turning off of your TV is the symptom of an internal hardware defect. This might happen if there’s a fault in the power supply or central board. This issue also could be a defect when manufacturing your TV. It mostly occurred due to power events, for example, shock or surge, prolonged over or under voltage conditions, etc.

Conclusion :

Toshiba has made a significant effort to make its television look attractive and trendy. The majority of Toshiba models have features that aim to increase the image resolution of the TV. Sometimes devices do not require repair at all the time. Often Small issues cause you trouble turning on your TV as usual.

Check that all of your television’s channels are stable and that the cables are in good shape. The audio cable connecting the DVD player or cable box may be insecure or disfigured. If the audio link port has become dusty, clean it with a paper towel. So it’s necessary to know the fundamental troubleshooting methods to resolve the TV problems in turning on issues.

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