Why Your Affirm Virtual Card Not Working?

The virtual card is a process for doing online transactions. This card has a virtual identity and can use online. Most of the time you cannot do any physical transaction by going to the shop and giving access to the card in the POS. As it has the number, CVC, and PIN. It is the easiest system to provide the amount online and complete the transaction.

You can purchase products, give tuition fees, rent, or do any kind of transaction permitted by the authority. So you can transfer the amount within some seconds. You will get easy access to the card and process the transaction. If the Affirm virtual card not working then knock on the office. Affirm virtual card is a system where you will get an amount of loan provided by the card company. However, you can use the card in online and shopping malls. 

Affirm Virtual Card Not Working

Appropriate Reasons of Affirm Virtual Card Not Working

There have many reasons for this Affirm virtual card may not work. The reasons are given below.

1. Card Date Expires

Date expiration of the card is the big reason. If you see Affirm virtual card not working it means the validity date is over. Affirm card is valid for 24 hours. Then it will become invalid. So just renew the card online or over call center calls.

2. If the Card Limit Exceeds

If the transaction value exceeds the maximum credit balance then your card will not work. The card provider company gives the limit of expense. If the total transaction limit exceeds then you will not be able for further transactions. The card will show an error message.

3. Confirm the Matched Network

You need to use the right network platform. Most of the time you will get either a visa card or Mastercard so just make sure that the transaction site uses this type of card.

4. The Card is Not Applicable for International Transaction

Sometimes people send money outside the country for education purposes. But most companies turn off the transaction option outside the country. So if any issue arises regarding the fact just communicate to the office they will instantly approve the card for international transactions.

5. Purchasing Irrelevant Items Not Approved by Affirm

Some items are irrelevant and are not approved by Affirm. If you try to purchase these silly items then your card will not proceed for further purchase.Items are not permitted to purchase

  • Alcohol products
  • Treatment for cold, allergenic issues, and digestion treatment.
  • Cell phone that is contracted
  • Balance diet supplement
  • Medicine for painkillers and muscle medicine.
  • Any supplement that is not recognized
  • Domestic animal foods
  • Pet health & treatments.

As it is a short-time transaction basis card so you need to make sure the using amount. After 21 days of processing from card activation, the company will remove the unused amount. You will not charge any interest for this.

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How to Process the Payment by Affirm Card?

The system of Affirm cards is the same as a credit card. The card is accessible where the credit card will get access. For paying online just reach the checkout option, confirm the card number, provide the mail address and proceed for completion. If the Affriam card is not working you must follow the system like a credit card recovery. check the network and continue the process.

How to Process the Payment Through the Iphone?

It is a bit different. Just add the card number in Apple pay. At the time of checkout just read the apple symbol through the device. Then choose the card from the virtual card option. Press the touch ID by the finger until you are not getting confirmation.

How to Complete the Payment Process of Affirm by Using an Android Device?

Just add the Affirm virtual card in Google pay and keep the NFC on from settings. Just recognize the Google pay symbol at the time of transaction. Just visit Google pay and identify the virtual card for payment processing. Bring the device close to the card reader to confirm the payment process. When the credit card will be shown just choose the card. The apps will show a blue mark symbol after confirmation. 

How to Cancel the Affirm Card?

From Affirm app

Just cancel the card whenever you want. For this, it will not charge any extra fees.

  • Go directly to the home screen of Affirm
  • Enter the view card option
  • Select edit or cancel the card.
  • It is done.

From Website

  • Just visit affirm.com.
  • You will get the virtual card timer option at the top right corner.
  • Select Edit amount for changing amount or select cancel card.
  • The system will cancel the card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Affirm virtual card work everywhere?

You can use the Affriam card where the credit card is accepted. Actually, for getting an extra loan facility instantly you can use Affriam rather than a credit card.  However, you cannot use the card for purchasing alcohol and other violent products.

Can I use Affriam in the shopping mall directly?

Yes, you can use an Affirm card in the mall also. Just tell the cashier to make the bill. Put the PIN number by yourself. To keep yourself secure, never provide the PIN or security code to anybody else.

Why  the card get declined?

For some reasons it may be get declined. Even you can see that Affriam virtual card is not working. First of all, if the card is expired, the limit of the card exceeds, if you have some loan of past purchase, etc.

Can I buy supplements through Affriam card?

You have restrictions to buy supplements. You cannot buy diet supplements, or muscle supplements and have restrictions on various food supplements also.

What is the expiration limit of Affriam card?

The expiration limit of the Affriam card is 24 hours.

Can I use this card for giving fees for education?

Yes, you can provide the education fees by using this card.

What type of problems can I face if the interest amount is not installed?

If you do not install the interest it may increase rapidly. If you take more time to provide the amount then you will be blacklisted. Later if you apply for another card they will not permit the card. The report will be shown to all financial organizations. If you will process for credit card application later to another company. The company may decline the request.


Affriam is recognized as an instant service-providing option. You can get instant financial service rather than using a credit card. Getting credit card service is a long time process. Even you cannot manage it if you do not have a better earning source and it also takes time for credit card processing. However the company is dedicated if the Affriam virtual card is not working.

The card cut limited interest from each person. Most of the people who need instant cash for purchasing or support medicine, education fees support or anything that contains the importance of life Affriam is the best solution for them. So avail the service if you do not have an option.