How to Change AT&T WiFi Password-Easy Methods

This article will assist internet users to know a bit more about the devices they use. Most of the people recently have acknowledged the configuration of their router. By searching in their internet, they can find different types of information about a particular topic. The topic “change att wifi password” is a very essential topic for every internet user nowadays, whether the person is a mobile internet user or a web internet user.

Change AT&T WiFi Password

How to Change AT&T WiFi Password

Both need to have a clear knowledge about what they are using. In this article, the most frequent information about wireless networking will be explained. This research will inform the users about a few simple things they need to know if they ever want to change their router’s username or password. It is essential to know every step mentioned below. The beginning step is the most basic and simple step of this topic.

Change AT&T WiFi Password

The article tells the users how they should change their at&t wifi password by following the mentioned steps. The second one is interrelated with the first step; it is also very crucial. All important steps are explained in detailed information.

The AT&T is usually followed by the last seven digits of the user’s gateway serial number. In order to change AT&T wifi password, the users just need to follow the ensuing steps. The users just need to sign in to the Smart Home Manager and select “My Wi-Fi”.

There is an option of editing next to the name/password the user wants to change and click on it. of the user’s Wi-Fi’s personal information will appear, select X to clear the existing information and then enter a new password or name for the Wi-Fi. If it’s required the users can put the “device access code” that is detected on the side of the gateway. Do not forget to save your latest information! Reconnecting the device will ensure the users that their new network information has been updated.

Smart Home Manager

Smart home manager is an apparatus that the users wield to maintain their smart home. It is generally a program that people locate in their devices. This is known for the controlling of the smart home devices on the networks. This manager is an essential part of the smart home.

The use of smart home managers usually depends on the type of smart home system that has been used. It is safer to assure that the users are flexible to use this since this is where they will be spending most of their time to set up and manage.

Smart home systems are closely combined with the home’s wifi. The users can find smart home systems that exist on their current internet router, or any other smart home systems that they add to their existing network. Understanding the components of the smart home manager is crucial.

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Change the SSID on the 2Wire Gateway

SSID means “service set identifier”, this actually can be said as a practical name for a particular Wi-Fi network. When a wireless network has been set, it is given a particular name that would help the users to differentiate their networks from others.

The network’s default name and password exist in the Wi-Fi gateway modern. By changing the network information it would make it easier to remember and to keep unwanted users away from accessing the network.

Warning: Do not use personal information like the IP address

However, to change the SSID on the 2Wire Gateway, the users need to browse and log in using the router username and password, which is usually admin, once the users are logged in, they need to go to settings and clicked on LAN and select Wi-Fi network name to change. Select on the SSID to change the network name and select the custom password Wi-Fi password to put the new password. Don’t forget to save the new information!

Enable WPA2 Security on the 2Wire Gateway

WPA2 secures the broad amount of people’s wi-fi networks with its encoding. The encode keys that it provides for each of the wireless customers that connect with it. If you’re an Android user, you can go to the settings of your phone and click on the wi-fi option. After that, select the router your device is connected to and see the details.

This will show what type of security your device is connected to.To enable this network on the 2Wire Gateway, the users need to go to their gateway settings and select the home networks. Select wireless settings and then edit settings.

Assuring that the enable is checked is a crucial part. In the original menu, select WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK, select the use of a custom passphrase. There is an option of entering a new password in the key field, type down the new password, and make sure the information is saved. It is different if the user is using Android.

Change the Frequency Band

Frequency bands are usually the span of radio wave frequencies that is used to transfer data in the wireless spectrum. The high frequency will transfer the data in a shorter signal range.

(Selecting the appropriate frequency band will assure faster speeds)

To change the frequency band of your router, browse, type down admin as your password, and select Wireless from the menu option. In the 802.11 band selection field, the user can elect 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. After clicking on the apply button the radio selection will be filled and your information will be saved.