How to Access a Router Remotely- Best Methods

Today for you,  we are gonna discuss how to access the router remotely. For accessing your router remotely you do not need rocket science. You will learn it in a few minutes by following some steps.Though we have mobiles, computers, routers, desktops, or other devices, they become unimportant if we do not use them properly.

Doing some light things these things becomes important for us.

  • First, you will have t Find Your IP address
  • Then Turning on Your  remote sharing
  • The last of Setting up Dynamic DNS

Logging on to our router from any network area we can use our home router.

Access a Router Remotely

How to Access a Router Remotely

How to Control the Router Remotely

Generally, remote access to the router is kept turned off for security purposes. But for necessary you can turn it on as your needs and desires. Following these steps, you can easily control the router remotely.

How to Turn on TP-Link Router Remotely

  • Turning on TP-link router
  • Connect to the router
  • Opening browser windows
  • Enter router’s IP address
  • Click ok.

How to Remotely Control the Fastweb Router

If you want to control Fastweb remotely without configuring much, having a Fastweb fixed line and a new fast gate modem is enough.

  • You have to download my Fastweb app
  • After this log into your Fastweb credentials,
  • Then just tap the top left icon
  • A select menu of Eastgate web.

How to Configure Router Access Remotely

It is not of much worry to configure the router from far away.  You have to open your remote desktop and start setting up Your port forwarding. At last, add a hostname and start using dynamic DNS remotely.

How to Remotely Control the TIM Router

  • First, you have to Download My TIM fisso app
  • With TIM account credentials login.
  • Now you need to go to the modem app.

From this section, you will be the boss of your TIM account from any part of the world.

Huawei Router Remote Access

This service provides numerous and extraordinary services to encourage the customers’ working development.

How to Configure a VPN to Control any Router Remotely 

A VPN connection is created between the client’s home network and his smartphone. Having this VPN connection of VPN you will have a network connection always though you are far away from home. Just do as instructed,

  •    First, try for getting a new VPN  router.
  •    Then try for getting connected in cascade to the modem,

Creating a VPN network and managing your own work is easy with the help of remote accessing routers.

How to Access My Router from the Network

  • Simply give your router IP address

It is very easy to access your router within the network coverage area.

Logging in to a Router

To log in to Your router all you have to do is to have an internet connection or staying in the network coverage area. Then follow these easy steps,

  • Open Your web browser
  • Give the IP address . this may not be the same for other devices enter a username such as admin and also create a password.
  • And at last click to ok.

Once you are logged in you will be able to access the web-based setting up page of the router.

Activate Remote Management 

If you just do not want to view but also want to control your MAC with screen sharing remotely,  then just follow these eight steps.

  • You need to choose the button of Apple Menu
  • Then choose the system preferences button
  • Then click to ok.
  • Then click on the lock icon
  • Enter name and password with administrator privileges
  • Check your message box.

Please remember that once you turn on this feature,  it will allow you to access it remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Find Your Router’s WAN IP Address 

Any router has 2 IP addresses, one is  WAN, which faces the outside world, and the other is the private IP address that is used in home networks.

Whenever you log into your router remotely you will need to type your router’s Wan IP address. Only this address can be accessed from any part of the world. To find your Wan Ip address follow the instructions below

  • Find your router IP address
  • Click on the status button
  • Then find Your checkbox.

Access Your Router from Any Place with Internet Coverage 

It is not surprising that a person can access his home router from outside the network as well as by staying in a network coverage area which exist in map. Some clues that are needed to keep in mind are,

  • Ensure that you have a network coverage
  • Log in to the router by typing WAN IP address
  • Enter the management port.

Here the router will show you to log in. By logging in you will feel like using a router in the home.

By Accessing a router remotely  from anywhere under network coverage,  you can have these facilities,

  • You can check whether your neighbors are using your network.
  • which page your children are seeing when you are outside of the home.

Setup up Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS will always save any person to give him the domain name for his changing IP address.

  • Log in to your router with a default gateway address.
  • Enter your router credentials.
  • Locate the Dynamic DNS settings.
  • Select dynamic DS page.
  • Enter your no. IP username and password.
  • enter the hostname you have created in the host field.
  •  Now your hostname will receive any update which will be provided.


The router’s WAN IP address is the only address that is accessible from anywhere in the world.  If you are far away then, no problem. You can access your router even from the outside. Here you just need to use specific apps which will connect you to the router even from a distance of integrated VPN services.  A whole series of parameters can be configured with remote access to our router.

Overall using a router from far has created numerous facilities for the new generation as a whole generation.