How to Connect Phone to Smart TV without Wi-Fi- Best Methods

Are you familiar with Smart TV?Do you have any idea what Smart TV is? Smart TV is a modern television that functions with integrated internet and has advanced internet connectivity. Smart TV is a platform to stream videos by using your laptop or smartphone. Many users are being introduced to Smart TV and its features, also whether smartphones can be connected to smart TV without Wi-fi. For this, there will be a discussion on how to connect smartphones to smart tv without Wi-fi. Even though we like streaming movies on Netflix, Youtube, AMC, etc on our cellphones.

Connect Phone to Smart TV without Wi-Fi

How to connect Phone to Smart TV without Wi-Fi

This is why Smart TV also gives you access to an internet connection from your android device. They also show how to transfer files to firestick, a media streaming platform by Amazon.

Connecting Cell Phones without a Wi-fi Connection

A long journey of broadcasting networks had to be adjusted and telecasted as television evolved from antenna signals to digital set-top boxes. Smart TVs, fortunately for this generation, have taken over by linking users from their laptops, CCTV cameras, tablets, and other devices.

Users also learn how to use NetFlix from tv to their phone without Wi-Fi.  Smartphones are also connected using their Wi-fi connection on smart tv. What’s fascinating is that users can access with their smartphones without having to use Wi-fi. It can be done by following these steps,

  • Your smart TV should have the option of screen mirroring. The user has to be sure about having this feature in general.
  • Access screen mirroring from both smartphone and Smart tv.
  • Android users must have the latest version that supports HDMI output.

The following guidelines will connect your smartphone to your TV without having to use a Wi-fi connection. However, if your Smart tv cannot hold up to screen mirroring, you can try using Screencasting,

  • Access Youtube from your smartphone and Smart tv.
  • Locate the code from your smart tv and paste it on Youtube using your smartphone.
  • Start recording on your smartphone and click on the Cast button at the topmost corner.

Screen Mirroring by Using a Bluetooth Device

Screen mirroring is now available on all recent Android phones and smart TVs, allowing users to stream online without the use of a Wi-Fi network. The users need to keep in mind that you won’t be able to use screen mirroring if the TV does not support the following feature. But it is possible to use screen mirroring by connecting a Bluetooth dongle. These are the steps needed in case of using Bluetooth,

  • Toggle the screen mirroring option to ‘On’ on smart TV.
  • Switch on Bluetooth from Settings from the user’s smartphone.
  • Locate Screen Mirroring from the main menu.
  • Search for Connectivity from Settings, if there is no sign of Screencasting Turn On Screen Mirroring.
  • The user will find many separate devices on the list. Locate the name of your smart tv.

Check Google Chromecast

Chromecast is known to be the leading screencasting device for connecting Android users to smart tv. Chromecast is cost-efficient and reliable for recording on big screens. Here are some steps to set up Chromecast,

  • Connect your Chromecast hardware key into the USB port of your smart tv.
  • As Chromecast requires an internet connection, the user has to connect to a wireless network.
  • If Wi-fi is not available then you can also use Hotspot data from your smartphone.
  • Install Google Home from Google Play Store.

Connecting HDMI Port

To connect smartphones into the HDMI Port on Smart TV, an MHL cable is required to be plugged in. HDMI cables produce great signals and provide images with better quality. Here is how the user connects the phone to non-smart TV with the help of an HDMI cable,

  • Connect the cable to your smart TV.
  • Plugin MHL cable onto your smartphone.
  • Plugin Micro-USB cable into the MHL adapter and connect the other end to the power source.
  • Lastly, connect the MHL cable to the HDMI port.


Screencasting is very much related to screening recording. Screencasting helps users who do not have access to any screen recording app. To set up Screencasting,

  • Open Youtube on both devices.
  • Find the code for your smart TV and apply the code on Youtube.
  • Begin screen recording and click on the Cast option.

Applying Ethernet

Ethernet cables are used when the user does not have a secure Wi-fi speed. The cable is connected to the Ethernet Port using any nearby broadband network.  Companies such as Hisense deal with ethernet connections. The mentioned steps  determine how to connect smartphones to Hisense TV without Wi-fi,

  • On the HDMI port, the user needs to plug in a Chromecast dongle.
  • Inserting a USB cable from the adapter and connecting it to the Chromecast device.
  • Insert Ethernet cable onto the network adapter.

Using Laptop

Let’s just say that the user does not own an HDMI cable right now. The user can still use their laptop, only this time it will record the screen of your laptop and Livestream from your mobile device. Plugin HDMI cable to the port from the user’s laptop/desktop. The user can also connect a USB cable to the USB port to access smartphones.

 Introducing Miracast Technology

MiraCast is an old wireless system that allows you to connect your TV to projectors, monitors, and other devices from your laptop or cellphone. Android 4.4 Jelly Bean and Windows 8 have Miracast. Here are some instructions to learn how to use Miracast without Wi-fi:

  • Check whether your TV and mobile phone is logged into the exact Wi-fi address.
  • Locate Settings click on Wireless Display to enable it.
  • Click on the Cast

Following the steps above will create a chart of Miracast screens that can be connected to your TV, and the user can learn how to use Miracast without the use of Wi-fi applications.

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Smart TV is a huge step forward in terms of integrating various channels for streaming online conferences or watching sports on a big screen with any mobile device. Smart TV also made it possible to limit internet connectivity. Although the users’ battery consumption might be at stake for using smartphones connected to the TV.

Amazon has also demonstrated using Amazon Firestick and gave a few tips on how to transfer files to firestick. However, there might be security issues due to data collection. On the other hand, smart TVs are providing access to multimedia content from laptops. This brief discussion is analyzed to show users how to connect to smart TV without a Wi-Fi connection.