Does Private Internet Access Work With Netflix?

Even though Private Internet Access work with Netflix on some local libraries, it may not be the most reliable method of accessing the service while traveling abroad. ‘Netflix has openly stated that PIA’s servers and IP addresses have been blocklisted by Netflix, which may explain why PIA has difficulty accessing previously available libraries. Because PIA’s connection speeds are so variable, the value of your service is mainly determined by the server you’re connecting to, how distant it’s located, and what time of day you’re joining.

Private Internet Access Work With Netflix

Private Internet Access Work With Netflix

As a last resort, customer service may direct you to a server thall operational for the version of Netflix you’re trying to access. VPN providers that are more reliable with Netflix may be better for you. To our satisfaction, NordVPN was the most trustworthy.

PIA Netflix Access

Netflix does not appear to work with Private Internet Access for the most part. This discovery comes as no surprise. PIA made it clear that they might no longer support anything that was got. As a security and privacy solution for internet video streaming, the company does not promote itself.

At least one server is still running. There is a select handful in the United States, but the exexistnes I came across are at the bottom of this page. Those who live in Australia and wish to access US Netflix can use it easily.

Things aren’t looking good throughout the world, however. As I write this, I’m unable connectecI cannot connect to any Netflix servers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, orll popular destinations for Netflix users.

Private Internet Access Netflix Servers

A list of the best Netflix PIA servers in all countries featuring popular ones is shown below.

There may be hundreds of servers in the same area, thus ev; though a location is mentioned, is postedost all of them many connections may be necessary to discover one that works. I know it’s aggravating. However, Private Internet Access does not allect a specific server. Thus this is our only option.

List From the Website Chart From Your Email

As a general rule, newer PIA locations are more likely to be compatible with Netflix than older ones. In Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Washington DC, Netflix US has a server list that includes these cities.

It’s also why I haven’t been able to identify a single operational server in Florida. PIA has been using this location for almost five years now, so it’s not new to me. Every single one of those machines has been delisted for a very long time.

Is PIA Not Working With Netflix?

Private Internet Access may not work with Netflix alth, ough if you co to a few of the places on the list above that are considered safe. Unfortunately, we are unable to specify individual servers using the PIA client. Each class has at least a few dozen of them. Not all are compatible with Netflix.

Reconnect and try again if you get the “Whoops, something went wrong…” streaming error notice despite connecting to a site that is supposed to be okay. You are likely connected to a PIA server that Netflix has previously blocked because of your bad luck.

For some users, it may take several attempts on several servers before they can be Netflix proxy error number m7111-5059 (or m7111-1311-5059, which depends on the country). There may be none left at all in some places.

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Why Won’t PIA Unblock Netflix?

When it comes to providing support for geo-restricted content, which Netflix does, PIA decided not to play whack-a-mole with Netflix. To keep Netflix operating using a VPN, you’ll need a lot of resources. If a server IP is blacklisted, the operator needs to keep an eye on it and replace it as soon as possible.

Netflix has indeed been known to block large ranges of IP addresses from just a single data center as well. Fixing this from the VPN’s perspective can be quite expensive. Rather than play, Private Internet Access opted out of the competition.

Their 99-location worldwide server network shows that they’ve got the capacity. Rather than divert those funds, they prefer to use them to maintain a high level of safety and security for and that they are well-known. PIA seems to be no longer a good option if you’re looking to stream Netflix from those other countries consistently and reliably.

Private Internet Access Netflix Alternative

For a company that is the world’s most popular streaming service, Netflix has the resources to devote to preventing VPN users. This implies that smaller VPN services, like PIA, have a hard time keeping up. However, we’ve gathered a list of the best VPN services that works with Netflix. Because we examined only 30 distinct regions, it’s possible the number of entities users can access is significantly larger.

  1. NordVPN is our top selection because of its fast servers, great security, and no-logs policy. This software also works with most well Netflix collections. If you don’t like it, you can return it within 30 days for a full refusal.
  2. Many Netflix libraries are compatible with Surfshark’s low-cost and privacy-focused VPN service. Aside from that, it operates in China, there is no connection restriction, and it has a true no-log policy. There is a 30-day money-back assurance on Surfshark programs
  3. ExpressVPN Netflix has yet another excellent option. ExpressVPN is a fast, secure, and privacy-focused virtual private network (VPN). Over a dozen distinct Netflix libraries can be accessed securely. A 30-day money-back assurance is included with ExpressVPN.

Can I Use a Free VPN for Netflix Instead of PIA?

A free VPN may theoretically be used as a substitute for PIA in order to access Netflix. If you choose the erroneous service provider, it can even be harmful in practice.

Rather than using a free VPN, you’re better suited staying with PIA but the few of its servers that allow you to unblock Netflix.

You can expect low-quality video and persistent buffering even if you find a cheap supplier with servers in the nation where you want to access Netflix’s collection, and even if those servers unblock Netflix.

As a matter of fact, free VPNs lack the same financial resources as paid VPNs when it comes to building out their network architecture. It is impossible for them to provide you with adequate internet connections, let alone constantly switch out IP addresses that Netflix has blocked.

Furthermore, the question as to how free services generate revenue arises. I think we can all agree that ads are a necessary evil.

On the other end, if a company tracks my online activity, sells it to third parties, infects my device with malware, or sells my bandwidth to other users, I draw the line.

Because with PIA, you can rest easy knowing that your online activities and data are protected. Overall we can say that PIA works with Netflix but its better if you use a legitimate VPN.

Final Thoughts on PIA and Netflix

A few years ago, using Private Internet Access to stream Netflix was a great option. Nowadays, it’s not as much.

PIA didn’t try to circumvent Netflix’s restrictions on VPN use when it was announced. As a result, they refocused their service on user security and privacy, rather than focusing on advertising. And that’s fine, too. They’re really good at their jobs. However, while certain PIA servers are still able to unblock Netflix, if you’re looking for a reliable connection, you’ll need to search elsewhere. And NordVPN is now the best VPN in this regard.

As a Netflix VPN, Private Internet Access comes highly recommended. Netflix works successfully using the VPN service in the United States and Italy. In spite of this, PIA is unable to use Netflix libraries in countries such as Canada and Japan. “If watching Netflix is your primary concern, there are better options than Private Internet Access. With ExpressVPN and Surfshark, you can access content from more countries, as well as a Smart DNS tool that allows for improved device compatibility.