How to Boost Public Wi-Fi Signal-6 Best Ways

Wireless networks are advanced technology, in the 21st century, people are dependent on this. Basically, Wi-Fi is a kind of radio wave that transmits a network between various devices to serve high-speed internet connections. Apart from a wired connection, the sender-receiver both sends and receives Wi-Fi signals. In signal transferring, radio-frequency plays an important role. Access points are an essential part of a Wi-Fi network. It’s a medium that originates all signals. It’s a matter of sorrow, free public Wi-Fi can’t be tinkered with an access point.

Boost Public Wi-Fi Signal

How to Boost Public Wi-Fi Signal

But, boosting public Wi-Fi is possible in many ways. Let me explain how to boost public Wi-Fi signal.

Wi-Fi Signals

You can do it easily by improving the receiver. Every boosting device has a built-in antenna that boosts Wi-Fi connectivity. This antenna’s primary work is to catch nearby Wi-Fi signals. Encrypted and unencrypted are both Wi-Fi signals you will see on the list. Non-encrypted Wi-Fi signals are too weak compared to encrypted Wi-Fi.

Since encrypted Wi-Fi is tricky to break and use, we should definitely go for non-encrypted Wi-Fi. Try some ways that really work to speed up non-encrypted Wi-Fi’s weak signal.

6 Proven Ways to Boost Public Wi-Fi Signal

1. By Moving Antenna

Antenna moving is an easy approach to say goodbye to weak public Wi-Fi signals. You can make the distance short between sender and receiver that enhances Wi-Fi signal. This is a working solution but physical labour is needed here. If you have expertise in moving, customizing antennas. You can do the work without fear.

But, don’t try to touch it, if you have zero ideas on this. Go for a free Wi-Fi provider, ask them about access points and location. Otherwise, you can hire them for your work. Here is a shortcut, you can manually troubleshoot with radio signal detection.

Find the weak path in the modem, then try to fix it. The closer your antenna source is, the more powerful the network signal you deserve from the modem. Finally, you can get a higher buffering speed.

2. Interference

Radio signals eventually lose their power after passing some barriers such as brick walls of buildings. Thus it reaches your device, it has insufficient signal that prevents you from internet connectivity. So, if you are questioning yourself, how to boost Wi-Fi signal through walls. My suggestion would be, you need more open space, where radio signal waves don’t suffer many obstacles.

3. Wireless Card

Wireless card is a small gadget that controls the whole antenna. Antenna receives radio signals through a wireless card. Eventually, this signal interprets so that a transformer blows another transformer’s head. Two things you can do with a wireless card that may boost Wi-Fi signal easily.

Power Increase

You can expand the rate of power allocated to wireless cards. Maximum power forces an additional performance boost.

How to Increase Power input in Wireless Card

1. Type Control Panel in the search bar then Open it.

2. Find Device Manager, then open it

3. In device manager, under Network Adapters

4. Find Wireless Card and open it

5. There is an option named “Transmit Power” under the Advanced tab.

6. Change the Transmit Power to Maximum

Driver Update

By updating the current driver to the latest one might be a good decision in boosting free public Wi-Fi. That will provide a small bump in network speed.

4. Buy Good Quality USB Adapter

Nowadays USB wireless adapter is a great product that helps in boosting network signals. You can call it a USB Wi-Fi extender. Purchase a good-quality USB wireless adapter that plugs it onto a laptop USB port. It will gradually increase its power to catch radio signals.

5. Buy a Stronger Antenna

Good and bad, both have an opportunity but it’s totally different to each other. If it is for network connectivity, you should purchase a good quality stronger antenna. Stronger antennas can catch long-distance signals as well as pass building walls and strong obstacles.

6. Wi-Fi Extender

Wi-Fi extender could help you out to achieve great internet performance from public Wi-Fi. Wireless extenders receive signals as a wireless client. Then it transmits using a broadcast antenna.

You should place a wireless extender in the best place, where it can receive strong signals for Wi-Fi networks. Public Wi-Fi service works like a home wireless setup, but it broadcasts using extraordinarily powerful transmitters. So that, no doubt, to get a capable signal from a long distance.

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How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal at RV Park?

Wi-Fi reception booster and antenna both work efficiently to enhance network signal. There is no big difference between these devices. Both devices provide the same opportunity as well as improve good RV Wi-Fi coverage. To boost Wi-Fi signal you can set up multiple antennas along with the amplifier.

These gadgets also receive and enhance internet signals for electronic devices. Moreover, they are incredibly easy to install and use at your house. Just plug the booster into the USB port of your laptop then install it on your device. Make sure you place the booster in front of where the transmitter is placed. The closer you set the device up, the better signal you expect. Use extra creative extension cords to ensure best signals.

Final Words

Boosting public Wi-Fi signals is not very costly, but you should definitely know the techniques so that you can apply them. This article clearly describes what equipment you have to purchase, and how to boost a public Wi-Fi signal easily.

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